Our Products

Oticon Alta

Hear more anywhere, anytime, with the ultimate performance of Alta. By "ultimate," we mean the most powerful hearing technology Oticon has ever designed. For you, this means better hearing with less fatigue, due to Alta's speech clarity, directionality, dimensionality and connectivity.

Oticon Agil

Agil’s sound processing technology works with your brain to organize, select and follow the sounds and voices you want to hear, and ignore competing background sounds. Agil takes the work out of hearing, so you understand more — with less effort. Set yourself free from the solitary world of hearing loss — with the performance of Agil.

Oticon Acto

With Acto, you get the features you need for clear and comfortable sound in our full range of styles and colors. Acto’s premium set of Oticon technologies includes the ability of both hearing instruments to communicate wirelessly with each other to reduce unwanted noise and maintain speech volume.

Oticon Ino

It took Oticon to deliver a clear, comfortable hearing experience in a more affordable design that features automatic operation and a full range of styles and colors. Oticon Ino instruments provide the extra amplification you need while minimizing distracting background sounds, helping you focus on speech, and cutting down on feedback.

Oticon Intiga

ntiga was created with the idea that style matters — a lot — especially in something as essential to the quality of your life as your hearing. Intiga is the world’s smallest, fully wireless hearing device. Its receiver-in-the-ear design is better looking, and is available in more colors than anything else on the market.

Oticon Chili

The power to meet the challenges of severe to profound hearing loss — for you and your loved ones. Never before has there been a system with so much power and technical sophistication. Slim, discreet and designed for reliability, Chili is our newest generation of Super Power hearing instruments.

Oticon Safari

To explore the world around them, connect with others and be as independent as possible: that’s what we all want for our kids. But for children with hearing loss, this goal can seem out of reach. Safari can bridge the gap with advanced Oticon technology that makes it easier to hear and understand speech.

Oticon Nera

You demand a lot from your hearing. That’s why you need a hearing solution that keeps up with your day-to-day activities and takes the hard work out of hearing conversation and the other important sounds in your life.It features a state-of-the-art sound processing architecture that is engineered exclusively for you and your unique hearing requirements.