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Spectacle Hearing Aids

If you have a problem with your hearing and do not like the idea of wearing something in your ear, spectacle hearing aids could be the answer.

Coselgi Melodia

Coselgi Melodia Provides clear and natural sound, Retains the delicate intonations and nuances of conversations, Adjusts to your environment automatically, Melodia hearing aids connect wirelessly with each other, Truly discreet; can be adjusted with Remote Control and Enjoy sound directly from your TV with the TV-Control

Coselgi Vivace

The Vivace line offers a blend of discretion and functionality, so you won’t be slowed down by your hearing loss.It provides Clearer understanding: From whispers to shouts, Vivace will help you understand what others are saying. Easier listening: Vivace decreases background noise and helps you to focus on what you need to hear.

Coselgi Arte

Arte hearing aids help you understand what’s being said, regardless of where you are. They are especially useful in situations with background noise – like at a party or a family dinner.

Coselgi Armonia

The Armonia range offers hearing aids that suit both your needs and your budget. It’s a simple, affordable, and comfortable solution. It has Automatic detection: Sound levels are adjusted based on the intensity of the noise around you, so sounds are at a comfortable volume.


The most discreet hearing instrument in its class, Ace sits unobtrusively behind your ear, letting you savor every moment with complete confidence. Designed to learn and remember your hearing preferences in all situations, Ace senses ambient sounds and intelligently adjusts itself to filter out unwanted noise to deliver optimum sound quality, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it.


With Pure™, you’re in control every step of the way. A marvel of miniaturization, it’s inconspicuous when worn and contains more features than any other hearing instrument of its size. Its advanced technology delivers outstanding sound quality together with versatile features that help you enjoy the sound of life.

Siemens Life

Siemens Life combines outstanding sound quality and refined comfort with simple operation – the perfect complement for demanding lifestyles. It fits comfortably in the ear and, with no hard or sensitive parts, is suitable for all wearers. Its tiny form sits almost unnoticeably behind the ear.


Intuis is an extremely comfortable hearing solution. The proven and innovative designs seen throughout the product line make it extremely easy-to wear. Sleek, ergonomic BTE housings are tailored to the natural shape of the ear for comfortable.


Powerful, robust and affordable Lotus™ BTE (Behind-The-Ear) hearing aids deliver the performance you require in a way that is efficient reliable and discreet. For mild to profound hearing losses.


Motion™’s amazing clarity and comfortable fit combine to help you focus on what’s important. Motion takes its cues from you.it’s fully automatic, learning to adjust itself to your needs and hearing preferences over time.


Siemens strives to bring the music of life to your ears with the Orion™ range of BTE hearing instruments. Whatever it is you like to hear most, you can rely on Orion hearing instruments to help you connect with your world and the people in it.